Über mich

As a child, I had one-on-one lessons with a private art teacher. This is how I discovered my love for art and design.


After that, I developed myself self-taught over many years and am still constantly improving my performance and expanding my skills. In 2013 and 2014 I intensified my painting and drawing skills once again with the certified completion of 2 years of training in the free master class "Painting and Drawing" with Hannelore E. Busch (Beuys and Grote student as well as van Manen's master student) in Düsseldorf.


The name Pilbri is the signature of my works. The It is the combination of the first letters of two syllables.

I'll tell you the details when we contact you in more detail. 



For me, art is inexhaustible and there is always something new and exciting to discover. For me, the boundaries between art and craft are fluid. This is also how glass works were created. Details can be found on the Career page .





Britta Neumärker/ Pilbri 


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sowie 24 Stunden online shoppen hier www.etsy.com/shop/pilbri   oder hier www.pilbri.pixels.com 




Atelier Pilbri Britta Neumärker


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